[arch-dev-public] SCM branch plans [was: Killing CVS]

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 17:03:34 EDT 2007

On 10/23/07, Andreas Radke <a.radke at arcor.de> wrote:
> What distribution would you choose if you still like pacman and the
> way Arch works(KISS, boot process and so on)? I don't want to be
> forced to switch to the Frugalware stable release. So the idea to create
> and maintain a stable tree/port of ArchLinux was born. Several ideas
> how to do it are possible and have been discussed with some devs from
> Germany and the one from the Netherlands. We are calling the idea
> "ArchRock" - the rockstable distribution based on ArchLinux. It's not a
> hard task but need to be good designed to ensure its quality.

Well. Erm, no offense or anything, but why are you trying to plan
Archlinux to support your side project? It's fine and all, but a few
things you've said regarding the repo design are assuming you're going
to be using gerolde to run your custom distribution as well. I'm not
sure if we want to do that. It's already taxed enough as is, and no
one seems to be working on fixing that that doesn't already have their
hands in 400 other code projects at the same time.

I'll make you a deal. You help us with the CPU and IO load on gerolde,
and we can look into supporting your project as well. Until then,
though, it's just not feasible - too much load on this single machine
will make BOTH projects look bad.

> While talking about various possible ways to build a stable product we
> came to the kernel and what we call our core - the gnutools and glibc.
> The are many inconsistencies in kernel development and what has been
> collected around. Too often changed abis and unneeded regressions
> caused by the splitted developement. So another project was born in our
> mind: a product based in the current FreeBSD 7.x core - managed with
> pacman. I liked what I have seen there. Pacman 3.0 got ported and was
> working in most parts. It's always a great challenge to start something
> new and to be part of it in the early days. Around such a BSD based
> product we can also imagine a userland based on the ArchLinux packages.
> Not sure if it would be a rolling release or a stable one depending on
> the BSD release, also both is possible. Right now it's just for fun but
> seems to be worth to grow.

The above applies here as well, BUT, I wanted to know where this was
being discussed. If pacman was ported to BSD, I've never seen, nor
heard of, patches for it. This would be valuable information for us.
Not only would it save us work, but Dan is doing this _right now_.

Why is this all so cloak and dagger? I think many of us would love to
participate in discussions like this, but it seems like it's all
behind the scenes and hush-hush. Is there any reason this couldn't be
brought up publicly?

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