[arch-dev-public] starting the repo cleanup

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Fri Oct 26 11:07:13 EDT 2007

I will start removing packages now. It seems nobody else has the time
or interest to do it. I will use Eric's list in our dev wiki.

step 1: orphaned packages that are no (make)depends for any other pkg.
        I wonder about Eric's comment
 "Package | Reason to remove it. No reason implies we keep it"

I think it should be the opposite. If any developer wants to keep it he
should adopt it before it will be removed. If we won't do it that way
we will stay for months for comments what the reasons are why we want
to remove them. The reason is the poor (non existing) maintainership
and low usage according the public wiki list.

Is it ok to rm the whole cvs files including history and the package
itself? I see no important reason why we should put the cvs history and
pkg somewhere else. If any user or TU wants to pick it up again they
would have to do it from scratch again. But we can also hold the cvs
entries somewhere for backup for a while. I would need permission on
that directory. Your choice.

I hope there won't be hidden dependencies behind those packages :-/

step 2: find maintainer for other orphaned packages that are a

I will find out who the maintainer is and ask him directly or on the
dev-public ml if he wants to adopt it. Of not it would intend to me we
should remove also his still maintained package that depend on it.
Hopefully we will find maintainer in most of these cases that way. If
not we should decide what to do with those broken unmaintained

Any comments? I want to start very soon as I have some free time these


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