[arch-dev-public] Stellarium 0.9.0 and repo considerations

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Tue Sep 4 17:12:32 EDT 2007

Hi Corrado,

Tuesday 04 September 2007, you wrote:
 | I wrote a PKGBUILD for the new stellarium, and added my .desktop
 | file to it (there even was a bug report about that, nobody added
 | it in the new version but I'm going to send it to the stellarium
 | team, too). I also noticed that the new version depends on qt4,
 | which is in community, while stellarium is in extra, so either we
 | move qt4 to extra (I don't think many people would like it) or we
 | move stellarium to community. If you think the latter is a good
 | idea I can take care of it and maintain the package there, just
 | let me know what you think about it.
qt4 is going to [extra] "soon". kde4 will need it and also other pkgs 
are waiting for update for it (qtiplot, qsynth, speedcrunch... just 
to mention a few). also the scim/skim qt-immodules are qt4 and not 
available in qt3. so once qt4 is in [extra] the input system SCIM 
will finally work in kde :)

the problem with qt4 not yet being official is that for making it 
clean we need to make 3 pkgs:

* the core libs (without any dependency on xorg) - for qt4 server apps

* the qt4 everything else except the core and qt3 compatibility 
(legacy) libs

* the qt3compatibility libs

other distros are separating it exactly the same way.

the splitting of the thing in 3 pkgs is a little bit tricky if we want 
to make it nice (not e.g. by building it and then just removing the 
files from the target pkg that do not belong to this pkg)... this is 
still work in progress and actually the only thing holding us back. 
no dev has yet time to digg in qt4 build system to make the 3 pkgs 

qt4 will be placed in /usr and not in /opt

as qt3 and qt4 can coexist, no big migration is needed, once qt4 is in 

=> i do not want to update stellarium in [extra] yet. the qt4 waiting 
is exactly the reason. i also do not want to move it to community 
just to move it back in a few months. 

 | Attached to this message you'll find the new build with the
 | .desktop file.

if you want, i can backport it. however it would mean triggering a 
update and stellarium is a big pkg for up/download :)

 | The only thing I didn't take care of is the 
 | license, which at a first glance seems a bit complex (I think it's
 | two or three licenses). You can find a summary of the various 
 | licensed materials in $startdir/src/stellarium-0.9.0/README.

pacman can handle multiple licenses. the license=() is an array. 
stellarium is at least GPL for sure, IIRC. :)

if you want to take over and maintain it in community, feel free. but 
consider that it will soon have to be rebuilt against a qt4 in /usr 

thanx + greetings,


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