[arch-dev-public] X.Org 7.3 pre-release testing repo

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Wed Sep 5 16:57:06 EDT 2007

Hey all,

after reading a thread on the forums where a user posted that with 
-ignoreABI as a startup flag he could get the nvidia drivers working 
again, I had a second look.

It seems that nvidia 100.14.11-4 works with this workaround and I would 
expect nvidia to react to feature requests in the future - whenever that 
will be. Yet, I do see serious problems with us keeping the support for 
the legacy drivers enabled, as for me it sounds very unlikely that 
nvidia will touch the old drivers ever again. So just to get a 
discussion going about how to handle this I would raise a question.

Assuming nvidia doesn't fix their 71xx & 96xx series, will we either:

* feel forced to drop support for old cards or
* will we have multiple xorg versions in our repositories?

Both "solutions" sound very bad to me...



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