[arch-dev-public] Important changes for all users, developers and TUs

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Sep 16 09:23:01 EDT 2007

Hi lists,

we made some changes to repositories and packages which I'd like to
summarize here.

1) (everyone, including users):
The current repository is gone. Instead, we have a slimmer core
repository and the rest of the packages went to the extra repository. I
won't discuss the reasons for that change here, but if necessary, I'd be
happy to explain it in a later post.
If any packages are missing, don't hesitate to post bug reports.
A pacman update will add a /etc/pacman.d/core file and users should
change all references in pacman.conf from current to core. We added
symlinks for compatibility, so the name current should still work for a

2) (everyone, including users):
The repository scripts on our server now support the pacman3 style
package naming. Our repositories are now partially incompatible with
pacman2, as it will fail to find some files. If you haven't updated to
pacman3 yet, you can still manually download the libarchive, libdownload
and pacman packages from the ftp and install them with pacman2.

3) (users)
FTP installations are broken for now, maybe we will have time to fix
them soon. Until then, use a base CD to install.

4) (developers and TUs)
Related to 1) and 2), a new devtools package has been uploaded.
Packages are not renamed any more when uploading. An exception to this
is communitypkg, as the community scripts on the server haven't been
updated to the pacman3 naming style yet. All devs are encouraged to use
the new style names from now on.
The currentpkg script is gone, instead there is a corepkg script now, as
well as /arch/db-core{,64} on the server.

5) (developers and TUs)
The gcc package has been split in gcc and gcc-libs. Packages must not
depend on gcc anymore, all those packages should be changed to depend on
gcc-libs. This allows us to use C++ applications without forcing users
to have gcc installled. Please update your packages as soon as possible.

6) (developers)
All former current packages are now in extra or core. We lost the
mantainer data for those, so please adopt all packages that were
previously yours. This also affects packages which were moved from extra
to core.

If I forgot anything, tell me.
Keep having fun with Arch.

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