[arch-dev-public] ISO Release naming scheme

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 12:08:07 EDT 2007

Wow. This clearly got a little bike-sheddy here. I'm sure we all have
much better things to do with our time than to read and discuss the
ISO naming scheme.

Here's the thing:
a) YYYY.MM.X as a bug release just doesn't work for the reasons Damir
pointed out - it looks like a day.

Maybe I'm alone here, but if I can change one character and prevent
all of us from answering this question over and over, I'm glad to do
it. "Why is it 2007.12.3 when it's the 24th today?"

b) -testing.1, -dev.4, etc... I think we're trying to overspec this.
Here's a simple solution. If we want internal release, let's use the
dot notation that Damir suggest, but why not simply start with rel 0?

2007.12-0.3 -> released as 2007.12-1
2007.12-3.7 -> released as 2007.12-4

We _already_ use the dot notation unofficially for the exact same
thing. Again, we're simply alleviating lots of confusion and
explanation here.

Let's just pick one and be done with this - Jason, Dale, JGC, what do
you guys think?

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