[arch-dev-public] GNOME updates to testing

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Thu Sep 20 16:58:29 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I'm preparing GNOME 2.20 for testing, which should be done by upcoming
sunday. I'm not rushing anything: I'm evaluating package quality of
every individual package (namcap, checkpkg), checking upstream SVN for
post-release patches that should be included, etc. At this moment I have
most of GNOME 2.20 platform in my staging dir on gerolde, the PKGBUILDs
and patches have been committed to CVS.

I haven't seen many issues with this release, most problems are tackled
in the GNOME 2.19 repository already, some other known bugs are waiting
for simple fixes which are known on the forums and our bugtracker.

I think this release will sit in testing for one or maybe two weeks,
nothing more. During this period I expect some rebuilds for applications
that link to API/ABI unstable libraries in the GNOME desktop suite
(totem-plparser has a sobump, probably libgtop and libwnck also, have to
checkpkg for all the details of this).

I'll keep everyone updated on the status of this.

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