[arch-dev-public] Upcoming Rebuilds

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Mon Sep 24 15:25:38 EDT 2007

pending updates that force us to another major rebuild session due to a
so bump are:

heimdal - 15-20 (no old todo list so far)
db - 30-40 rebuilds (old todo list is broken after repo shuffle in

i have a major cups and ghostscript update pending. new cups depends on

other updates that _might_ have so bumps or forces us to rebuilds: 
- icu (means OOo)
- libgphoto2
- flac

a few other important updates are also pending: hplip, eclipse and some

afaik Xorg and Gnome in testing shouldn't be a big problem. they
shouldn't hold us back to start the db/heimdal bumps. we should just
decide on which architecture we will go in front with the bumps. i vote
for x86_64. 64bit devs can also do some i686 rebuilds if needed.

if we find useless packages while rebuilding we should do a minor pkg

anything that holds us back?


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