[arch-dev-public] testing status announcements table

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Tue Sep 25 05:59:04 EDT 2007

hi devs,

i just feel like bringing up an old idea about testing...

we announce the happenings, which happen in testing in the news, in 
the mailinglists and maybe elsewhere (forums?). however, sometimes we 
do not know how long things need to reside there... and the overview 
is even sometimes for a dev lost, what is happening in testing.

what i suggest is to maintain a small table... like the todo-table, 
but that is public. it should have the following contents:

* name of task / name of single pkg 

* brief description about task / brief description on reason why pkg 
is in testing

* possible effects

* link to task in bugs.archlinux.org

* date of entry in testing

* condition of finishing testing (moving thigs out of testing)
** eventually deadline of testing / date for finishing the testing (if 
no reports come in)

* responsible dev

this would look like the following at the moment:

* X.org 1.4.0 release 
* major upstream change in packages 
* impact on various xorg pkgs, breaking of drivers (wacom, ...), 
incompatibilities, instabilities (nvidia, ati), new drivers 
* 1234 (i do not remember the number, but there is one; i remember 
asking for one and that one was made *smile*)
* 2007-08-xx
* reported issues solved 
* Andreas

* R 2.5.1-2 paths cleanup
* path cleanup in the extra/science/r pkgs
* possible impact on self-made CRAN pkgs
* no bug associated (yet)
* 2007-09-24
* 2007-10-07 - no issues
* Damir


this would help keeping an overview about the status of things in 
testing... we can even announce in advance a planned testing event. 


- D

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