[arch-dev-public] Rsync-based ABS

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 12 11:16:41 EDT 2008

Hey guys,

So I think ABS is ready to move to rsync.

The final piece, server-side ABS-tree generation, has been completed
with help from Jason.

I've just committed the svn2abs script to git - take a look at it to
get the full details, but in short it does a checkout of the svn repo
(or updates a pre-existing checkout), extracts the repo information
into the expected format for an ABS tree and stores this in a tmp dir,
then rsyncs /srv/abs to the tmp dir to update it.

I've tested this a bit on gerolde, and ironed out a few of my initial
bugs - the ABS tree currently sitting in /srv/abs was generated using
that script.

I've made packages (and src PKGBUILD) available at
http://dev.archlinux.org/~travis/pkg/ if anyone wants to muck around.
The [abs] rsync stanza is currently only set to allow my IP address,
so you won't yet be able to sync with the new abs unless you get your
IP added (or remove the restriction altogether).

svn2abs is designed to be run as a cron-job, maybe once/twice a day or
something along those lines to keep /srv/abs relatively fresh.

I'm pretty confident in the state of ABS now, so I'm wondering how
we'll go about integrating this onto Gerolde, then pushing it out to
the users. Things we'll need to do to get this integrated and pushed
1) install abs-2.0 on gerolde
2) modify rsync stanza for [abs] in /etc/rsyncd.conf to allow anyone
3) add cronjob for svn2abs
4) push to users

I'll need an enabler to handle 1-3, and once it's setup I can take it
from there.

Anyway, muck around, have fun, see if I missed anything.


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