[arch-dev-public] Drop the unstable repository

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Apr 20 08:14:23 EDT 2008

I had this thought during the above discussion about compat-wireless: Do 
we really need unstable? Almost nobody uses it and let's see which 
packages are in there:

reiser4progs + dependencies.

Most of the rest is so out of date and old that it should be dropped 
anyway (including the external modules for kernel26mm). The packages 
that are actually being maintained can IMO be moved to extra. Everybody 
who installs a -svn or -devel package probably knows it is unstable 
(firefox3 should be renamed to firefox-devel then).

So I'm asking you: What is the point of having a repository with <30 
packages, half of which are neither used nor maintained? Except maybe 
confusion among users (wait? enable unstable? isn't that dangerous?).

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