[arch-dev-public] Drop the unstable repository

Tobias Kieslich tobias at justdreams.de
Sun Apr 20 15:58:40 EDT 2008


two remarks:
 - gimp-devel: 2.5.x gains speed these days but I think it is better
               done in AUR
 - fvwm-devel: the actually popular 2.5.x series of fvwm is what people
               are using. fvwm 2.4 is more of a legacy and I think we
               should maintain 2.5.x in the official repos. I have the
               suspicion that actually 2.5.x is the only one that is
               maintained upstream. Oh and 2.5 is "unstable" since I
               started using Arch; roughly 5 years I'd say.
for the other packages, toss them.


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