[arch-dev-public] Issue on kernel 2.6.25 upgrade

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 21 03:18:21 EDT 2008

Dan McGee schrieb:
> I've pasted the full output below, but what I wanted to point out is
> the "missing ide-cd module" part. Some of us unfortunately still have
> to use IDE.

How is it the sis driver is still not stable? (So glad my old board is 

 > /etc/mkinitcpio.conf -g /boot/kernel26.img
 > :: Begin build
 > :: Parsing hook [base]
 > :: Parsing hook [udev]
 > :: Parsing hook [autodetect]
 > :: Parsing hook [ide]
 > ERROR: module 'ide[-_]cd' not found

Okay, it has been renamed to ide-cd_mod. I always wondered why we add 
the CD modules in there anyway: Nobody needs CD drives during initramfs. 
If he/she does (live cd), one can add it by hand. I will drop the CD 
modules from the mkinitcpio hooks completely.

> In addition, the kernel26.preset.pacnew file was installed with 600
> permissions...any reason why it is so restrictive?

No idea. I am using install -D -m644 to install the .preset, so it is 
your turn to tell me why.

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