[arch-dev-public] Courier-MTA packages

Tobias Kieslich tobias at justdreams.de
Sat Apr 26 21:47:48 EDT 2008

Hi Gang,

I maintained the courier* packages for a long time and I still think it
is a very solid mail server suite. I was using it happyly on my own
server but recently fell for a tarmail/dovecot combination. Abandoning
the usage of courier makes it harder to maintain the package, which is
rather complex.

I understand that courier-imap is a very popular imap/pop solution and
should stay in extra as it is one of the big three(dovecot,courier,
cyrus) used in production environments. Courier-MTA is a complete suite
consisting of courier-imap, courier-maildorp an ESMTP server (hence the
name courier-mta) a webconfiguration frontend etc. I still think it is a
very capable solution, technically on par with exim or postfix based
deployments. But it is not as popular, probably because the learning
curve, just like for every other MTA, is rather steep.  However, it will
need an active maintainer who stays uptodate with the development. That
pretty much means you have to use it yourself.

Anyone who wants to take that package? I also will put all my knowledge
into the wiki where my old little setup is explained. I'll need to
update it though. I will also answer any questions another potential
maintainer has. If nobody wants to take it, I say let's keep
courier-authlib, maildrop and imap and let courier-mta go to community.
I'm also open to other solutions.


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