[arch-dev-public] [signoff] dialog 20080318-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Wed Apr 30 12:20:26 EDT 2008

new upstream release with minor changes. in testing for both arches.

also added some minor requested features #10060 and utf8 support #8984.
binary file size didn't increased too much. should be also ok with our

our iso builders should test it!


-- $Id: CHANGES,v 1.248 2008/03/16 20:13:15 tom Exp $
-- Thomas E. Dickey <dickey at invisible-island.net>

This version of dialog was originally from a Debian snapshot.  I've done this
to it:

	+ modify dlg_mouse_wgetch() to loop only on errors that it detects,
	  rather than on errors forwarded from dlg_getc(), in case those are
	  due to a disconnected terminal (report by Anatoli Sakhnik).
	+ allow "default" color in dialogrc file (request by Dashing).
	+ fix an indexing error in formbox (Debian #469190, report by Dmitry
	  Gomerman, patch by Vladimir Mezentsev).
	+ add bindings for CTL/N, CTL/P to checklist, fselect and menubox
	  widgets (prompted by discussion with John Gatewood Ham).
	+ add be at latin.po, th.po and update zh_TW.po from
	> patches by Peter Astrand:
	  + modify dlg_auto_sizefile() to ensure the computed height and width
	    do not extend beyond the screen size.
	  + use unctrl() to make inputstr.c work with Solaris curses.
	> patches by Yura Kalinichenko:
	  + extend pause widget to use ok/cancel buttons (the former giving the
	    same result as a timeout), rather than an exit-button.
	  + fix initialization parameter of inputbox for multibyte

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