[arch-dev-public] info pages

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 8 22:12:29 EDT 2008

Eric Belanger wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Aug 2008, Allan McRae wrote:
>> Allan McRae wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Just a heads up with something I have remembered while packaging 
>>> with the new pacman release.  Including docs is the default in 
>>> makepkg.conf now so if there is a large amount of documentation you 
>>> will want to add a !docs to the PKGBUILD options.  Also, every 
>>> package that needs the --mandir configure flag will probably need 
>>> and --infodir one too.  An annoying number of packages with info 
>>> pages install a /usr/share/info/dir file so that will need removed 
>>> at the end of the PKGBUILD.
>> I have discovered that at least one package has to have a 
>> /usr/share/info/dir file or the info command complains that it is 
>> missing.   It seems that ideally all packages with info directories 
>> should add/remove entries in this file when installing/removing the 
>> package, although calling "info <something not in dir file>" seems to 
>> work, but I might be missing something.... The point is that adding 
>> info files properly involves an install file with "install-info" 
>> commands for each info page in the package.  Isn't including docs fun!
>> Allan
> The emacs package already does this. The emacs.install file could be 
> used as a template for this info stuff.

A template based in that is making its way into the prototypes found in 
the ABS packages which I am going to make a release of soon.

CC: pacman-dev - We should also automatically compress the info files 
like we do the man pages. 


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