[arch-dev-public] Web based signoffs

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 13:50:19 EDT 2008

Esteemed ArchLinux Developers,

Partially because Aaron asked for it and thinks it is cool and
partially because all those [signoff] e-mails in my inbox are kind of
boring to me (as a non-packager), I have implemented a web based
signoff mechanism into archweb_dev.


This is a thoroughly un-tested beta version that will probably break.
I'm far too lazy/important/busy (depending how you perceive my levels
of ambition/arrogance/available time...) to do my own testing, so
please break it and report bugs.

It works pretty simple. All packages in testing are listed in the
signoff page. If you test a package and deem it usable you can click
the "signoff" link to sign off for it. If two or more people sign off
for a package, the package 'approved' flag is set to true. Its up to
the maintainer whether or not he wants to move the package to
core/extra before it is approved, or alternatively if you want to wait
for more than two people to signoff or whatever. Each person who signs
off is listed, so you can even judge the quality of the signoff based
on how much you believe the person really tested it.

I mean you could have figured that out for your self in less time than
it took me to write it, but seriously, isn't documentation wonderful?

Hope you all enjoy.


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