[arch-dev-public] [signoff] pacman 3.2.1

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 21:32:17 EDT 2008

Looking for an x86_64 build as well, thanks!

Shortlog below, NEWS is at
as usual.


Allan McRae (2):
     Fix creation of source package with local source files
     Fix error when sourcing profile script

Dan McGee (8):
     makepkg: Clarify usage instructions for --allsource/--source
     doc: allow asciidoc to format the note
     Fix variable naming issues in _alpm_db_cmp
     Fix segfault on x86_64 when using UseSyslog
     Factor shell script size command into configure script
     Fix 'None' text so we don't have to translate it twice
     Update translation files for pending 3.2.1 release
     Updates in preparation for 3.2.1 release

Giovanni Scafora (1):
     Update Italian translation

Hugo Doria (1):
     Update Portuguese (Brazil) translation

Juan Pablo González Tognarelli (1):
     Update Spanish translation

Mateusz Herych (1):
     Update Polish translation

Matthias Gorissen (1):
     Update German translation

Nagy Gabor (5):
     Remove an usused variable from alpm/util.c/_alpm_lckmk()
     repo-add: Fix whitespaces handling in variables.
     Move the the description parsing logic to string_display()
     Add new list_display_linebreak function
     Update Hungarian translation

Roman Kyrylych (2):
     Add missing comma to -S --help message
     New Ukrainian translation

Samed Beyribey (1):
     Update Turkish translation

Sergey Tereschenko (1):
     Update Russian translation

Vojtěch Gondžala (1):
     Update Czech translation

Xavier Chantry (19):
     makepkg: fix download functions with weird urls.
     dload.c : drop the specific handling of file: url.
     Avoid double slashes in URLs given to libdownload.
     pacman/callback.c : fix detection of totaldownload
     pacman.conf : add curl example for XferCommand.
     pacman.c: fix typo s/NoPassiveFTP/NoPassiveFtp
     libalpm/add.c : ensure the old pkg was fully loaded.
     repo-add: add optdepends to the sync database.
     makepkg: do insensitive comparisons of checksums.
     pacman: print optdepends on install and upgrade.
     makepkg : localize the Y/n part of the question.
     pacman : clarify help message.
     fix HACKING asciidoc file.
     download : disable progressbar when total is unknown.
     Cleanup of _alpm_pkg_compare_versions.
     Update French translation
     Update British English translation
     Final updates on all translation for 3.2.1
     makepkg : allow to specify a download filename

甘露(Lu.Gan) (1):
     Update Chinese Simplified translation

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