[arch-dev-public] Risky business: udev upgrade

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 22:22:39 EDT 2008

So I've let udev stagnate for a while, mostly because I'm a fool and
real life has given me a lack of time for anything serious in

Anyway, I've rebuilt udev 126 (we're on 119, eek!) and made what
changes I thought ideal. I would love to stick with strictly vanilla
rules, but some of them don't work properly for us, so we still have a
tiny bit of patching to do.

Now... I'm looking for a helping hand here. I've built the package the
best I can, and installed it, but I have not rebooted. I am going to
commit these changes to svn trunk, and upload a package for anyone to
play with.

Please, if you have a little time, take a look at all of it - the
rules, everything, give it a once over and see if we can eliminate any
of the patching done to the stock rules. Some of it (i.e. the addition
of some GROUP directives) needs to stay, but others I am unsure about

i686 package here: https://dev.archlinux.org/~aaron/udev-126-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz
An x86_64 build of trunk would be appreciated.

Two things to note:
a) rules have moved out of /etc, they are now located in
/lib/udev/rules.d/ (eek!)
b) The cdrom-rules.patch we had appears no longer applicable. Can
anyone confirm this doesn't break anything.

Cheers, I will be back in a few hours to play around some more,

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