[arch-dev-public] Cleaning up the base group

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 29 06:27:50 EDT 2008

Now that our installer installs the whole base group by default, I'd 
wish it would stick to the essential part. I suggest cleaning this up a bit:

Packages that IMO shouldn't be in base:
- dialog
Nothing depends on it, why do we even need it in core?
- hwdetect
Nothing uses it, we don't need that in core either
- ca-certificates, lzo2, openssl, wpa_supplicant
We need those in core, but really not in base
- dash
Nobody uses it by default, may IMO stay in core, but has no place in 

- ppp, rp-pppoe (plus libpcap dep)
Only few people need those, leave them in core, but remove from base
- tcp_wrappers
No base package needs them as far I know, leave in core, remove from base

We should also remove all packages from base that only are in there as a 
dependency of another package and for no other reason, as they will be 
pulled in when needed anyway.

Packages that we should think about:
- mdadm
- pcmciautils
- cryptsetup, lvm2 (plus their deps libgcrypt, libgpg-error, device-mapper)
Those are base tools, but not everybody needs them. I'd like to keep 
them in base, but maybe someone else may disagree.
- nano
Do we really need another editor in base? Let's leave it in core, remove 
it from base.

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