[arch-dev-public] Code review: dbscripts

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Aug 31 04:49:23 EDT 2008

Aaron Griffin schrieb:
> So I made a handful of changes to the dbscripts, and wanted to get a
> quick review from people before I push them live.
> If you get a chance, please look over the recent patches here:
> http://projects.archlinux.org/?p=dbscripts.git;a=summary
> This include's Xavier's new-and-improved check_archlinux script too.
> Thanks,
> Aaron
> :wq

I didn't look at check_archlinux, as it's too long for me now: 

Now my remarks on the rest:
The db-functions has not been added here, so I can't really check if it 
is fine, the rest looks good though.

There is a problem here: rm -f "$srcpath/${pkgname}-*-*${SRCEXT}"
If you run this with mplayer, this will not only remove old mplayer 
packages, but also mplayer-plugin (think of more examples if you want). 
That's the reason I am using the ugly getpkgname in the cleanup scripts 
(or was using it, dunno if it is still there).

This includes unstable and lacks community.

Couldn't see more problems now, but there probably are more.

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