[arch-dev-public] potentially useful scripts for soname bumps

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Dec 4 14:14:01 EST 2008


I have written a couple of script that other here might find useful.

To generate a list of packages on your computer that require a rebuild 
for a library somane bump run "rebuildlist <library>", e.g. for the 
current heimdal rebuilt, run "rebuildlist libhx509".  This creates are 
file called rebuildlist.txt with a list of packages that need rebuilt in 
it, although it is limited to what is on your system but I do not see a 
way around that.

The second script take a list of packages that need rebuilt and 
annotates that list with information on the order it needs done.  E.g. 
for the heimdal rebuild, I ran "rebuildorder rebuildlist.txt" and got:

brasero (Requires totem-plparser)
cups (Requires libcups)
evince (Requires libspectre)
evolution-data-server (Requires gnome-vfs)
ghostscript (Requires gtk2)
gnome-panel (Requires evolution-data-server)
gnome-python-desktop (Requires gnome-vfs)
gnome-vfs (Requires smbclient, gtk2)
gstreamer0.10-bad-plugins (Requires neon)
gtk2 (Requires libcups)
hplip (Requires cups, ghostscript)
imagemagick (Requires ghostscript)
libgnomecups (Requires libcups)
libgnomeprint (Requires libgnomecups)
libspectre (Requires ghostscript)
mplayer (Requires gtk2, smbclient)
openoffice-base (Requires neon)
subversion (Requires neon)
totem-plparser (Requires evolution-data-server)
xfprint (Requires imagemagick)

The rebuildorder script is my first "real" python script so it could 
probably be improved. If people think that these would be useful to have 
somewhere, I can tidy them up a put them in a git repo somewhere.

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