[arch-dev-public] Welcome Geoffroy Carrier!

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Dec 5 12:51:57 EST 2008

Aaron Griffin schrieb:
> I want to wish a warm welcome to our new developer and bluetooth
> maintainer, Geoffroy Carrier (gcarrier)


> For those who don't know Geoffroy, he's been with us for some time,
> helped out with pacman development (in particular, with code in the
> signed-packages arena), and has been a TU for since May of this year.

Yeah, another recent topic which seems to get some movement again (and 
partially works).

> He plans on primarily helping us out with Bluetooth packages (which
> we've been slacking on these days), among other things.

Geoffroy, many thanks for taking on this challenge. The main problem 
with bluetooth these days is that many applications are simply not 
compatible and integration into the desktop environments is often 
broken. And to make it worse, in the bluez 3 -> bluez 4 update, the 
bluez people completely broke their dbus API.
So fixing up applications for compatibility, finding patches, making 
sure upstream will merge them will probably be part of what you'll do 
and I hope we'll get to a better state soon.

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