[arch-dev-public] Replacing common network programs (netkit-*, etc} with GNU inetutils

Eric Bélanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Wed Dec 10 18:46:28 EST 2008


As suggested in FS#12281, we could add inetutils to the repo to replace, 
among other things, the netkit-* packages which are no longer maintained upstream and 
mostly orphaned. Inetutils could potentially replace several packages 
either entirely or partially. Here is a list of network tool that 
inetutils can provide and the corresponding packages that it might 
replace. Discussion is below the list.


Could replace xinetd

Could replace netkit-rsh

Could replace netkit-rsh

Could replace netkit-rsh

Could replace sysklogd partially : syslogd


Could replace netkit-telnet

Could replace netkit-tftp (a xinet daemon)
Could replace tftp-hpa (a rc.d daemon)


Could replace netkit-ftp

Could replace iputils partially : ping

Could replace iputils partially : ping6

Could replace netkit-rsh

Could replace netkit-rsh

Could replace netkit-rsh

Could replace util-linux-ng partially : logger


Could replace netkit-telnet (a xinet daemon)

Could replace netkit-tftp
Could replace tftp-hpa

Could replace whois

Could replace net-tools partially : ifconfig

Point A) If we decide to not replace parts of packages in the repo, then we disable syslogd, ping, ping6, logger and ifconfig.
Point B) From Greg comments in FR, we should keep the current xinetd (best inet implementation) and
         whois (actively maintained) standalone packages. So we disable inetd and whois.

Let me know if you agree/disagree on following Point A & B.

Other points of discussion:

tftp: inetutils'tftp is to be run via xinetd like netkit-tftp. tftp-hpa 
uses a rc.d daemon script. I don't know what is best and if it's something 
we should worry about. In fact, I don't know anything about xinetd so I'll 
need to read docs to get the daemon setup correctly. Does anyone has 
experience in xinetd-style daemon script?

About the talk{d}: we recently moved netkit-talk to unsupported. Do we 
build them in inetutils?

ftpd: do we add the ftp daemon? We already have several of these (probably 
better ones) in extra. There won't be any conflict so we could still add 

uucpd: I don't know what it does. Do we add it?

Basically, this thread is to discuss if we add inetutils in the repo 
(probably in core as netkit-tenet is in core) and what tools the inetutils 
package should contain, i.e. what package should be replaced by it.

BTW, I don't have any experience with several of these clients/servers, so 
help in creating the deamon file (especially the xinetd ones) or testing 
might be necessary. FTR, I have a rough PKGBUILD draft if someone is 


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