[arch-dev-public] xaw3d rebuild

Eric Bélanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Tue Dec 16 04:32:34 EST 2008

On Sun, 14 Dec 2008, Eric Bélanger wrote:

> Hi,
> I will update xaw3d to 1.5E which will need a rebuild. As very few packages 
> needs to be rebuild and most of them are mine, I'll take care of it. This 
> email is for informatioon purpose. The packages that will be rebuilt are:
> gv
> timidity++
> xbill
> xemacs
> xfig

Everything is in testing now. I took the opportunity to update or fix a 
couple of these packages (svn log message below). These should be tested 
more carefully. As always signoffs would be appreciated. I don't intend to 
keep this rebuild in testing for a long time.

upgpkg: xaw3d 1.5E-1
     Upstream update, Updated url, Added misc. patches, Added ChangeLog

upgpkg: xbill 2.1-5
     Rebuilt against xaw3d 1.5E, Added libxaw makedepends, Moved score file 
in correct location with games group ownership, Added wrapper taken from 
Slackware because gtk apps refuse to run if they are setgid

upgpkg: xemacs 21.5.28-7
     Rebuilt against xaw3d 1.5E, Moved info files in correct location and 
added install script to handle them, update-desktop-database is also run 
in install script

upgpkg: xfig 3.2.5-1
     Upstream update, Added transfig optdepends, Improved .desktop file, 
Added patches to fix several issues including fonts (close FS#8806), 
Cleaned up PKGBUILD,
Added ChangeLog

upgpkg: transfig 3.2.5-1 (not a xaw3d rebuild but related to xfig)
     Upstream update, Added arch tag, Added license, Added imake 
makedepends, Added man pages, Added ChangeLog, Removed old patches

gv & timidity++ : simple rebuild.

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