[arch-dev-public] About libcap

Hugo Doria hugodoria at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 08:53:34 EST 2008


Currently these are the packages that requires libcap:

    * avahi
    * cdrkit
    * dovecot
    * muse
    * pinentry
    * pure-ftpd
    * samba
    * smbclient
    * terminatorx
    * vsftpd
    * wireshark

I checked some others distros and they use libcap 1.10 too. The
difference is that they have another package, called libcap2, for the
newer version. Should we do it?

Also, if we change the default libcap version all packages that
requires it will, probably, need to be rebuilt.

I do not have much knowledge about libcap, so i want to know what you
guys think.

-- Hugo

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