[arch-dev-public] makepkg developmental version

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue Dec 23 06:45:55 EST 2008

Hi all,

I have just packaged a version of makepkg from my git working branch for 
people to test out.  This installs alongside the makepkg from pacman so 
won't affect your regular package building.

i686: http://dev.archlinux.org/~allan/makepkg-git-20081223-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz

New features of interest:

Package splitting support!
  - multiple packages are specified in the pkgname variable
  - each package gets its own packaging function where package variables 
can be overridden
  - see PKGBUILD-split.proto (in /usr/share/pacman) for "documentation"

Added optional package() function in PKGBUILDs
  - limits fakeroot usage to packaging stages
  - see "man PKGBUILD-git.conf" for more info

Treat info pages like man pages:
  - automatically compress info pages
  - info pages are not removed with the !docs options

Added purge option:
  - automatically removes common conflicting or removed files
  - specify files in PURGE_TARGETS in makepkg.conf
  - default PURGE_TARGETS=(usr/{,share}/info/dir .packlist *.pod)

Replace getopt usage with internal function:
  - allows makepkg to run on systems with old getopt version (e.g. Mac OS X)

Other smaller changes:
  - ability to pass PKGBUILD from pipe
  - package compression type auto-detection
  - add configuration option to specify man/info page directories
  - specify alternative configuration file using the --config option
  - all integrity sums provided are checked
  - some fixes from the pacman 3.2 maintenance branch:
      - detect CRLF line endings
      - when automatically updating an SCM package pkgver, pkgrel is 
reset to 1
      - speed up mercurial package revision checking
      - improved compatibility with older bash versions

Known issues:
  - The -p flag to specify an alternative name for a PKGBUILD is broken
  - Repackaging with split-packages definitely does not work
  - Repackaging when using package() function probably does not work...
  - Some minor output changes are needed for package splitting

Bug reports either to the pacman-dev list or the pacman/makepkg section 
of the bug tracker.


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