[arch-dev-public] Packages with Arch artwork/branding

Tobias Kieslich tobias at justdreams.de
Sun Feb 3 22:09:02 EST 2008

Hi Thayer

   welcome aboard btw.

   I maintain the xfce4 packages, three of which contain branding, each
in a different way (none of them is the default theme anymore, so to see
them, the user has to select them explicitely):

1. gtk-xfce-engine contains an Archlinux theme, no logo branding just a
   small gtk theme based on that engine
   (I started on an evolution of this, but it's nowhere near a usable
2. xfwm4: it contains a little icon-sized logo, which is an xpm file
   size 15x18, actively usable area even smaller. We can either replace
   the logo, or create a new theme. James would be happy, I think he
   dislikes the old one with a passion :P
3. the toughest one: xfce4-session. This contains a splash screen, which
   is a transparent png file, so that via the background-settings you can
   control the colour of the screen. It is based on a blend file which I
   think actually lost :( Sorry for that. But we would have to model the
   logo anyway new etc and maybe it's just time for a new splash screen.
   Oh, to be clear: the splash screen contains a 3d rendered old logo.


On Fri, 01 Feb 2008, Thayer Williams wrote:

> I'm trying to track down all packages that contain Arch Linux artwork
> and branding. I'm particularly interested in anything that features the
> old logo, but I'd also like to know of any packages that contain images
> of the old name (even if they're missing the "arch" symbol.)
> If you maintain packages that meet this criteria, please contact me with
> the package name or simply respond to this thread.
> Thanks!
> Thayer

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