[arch-dev-public] New nasm in testing

Roman Kyrylych roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 17:28:30 EST 2008

2008/2/4, Aaron Griffin <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com>:
> Yeah nasm was resurrected and jumped from 0.98 to 2.00.
> I'm not sure if this breaks anything but nasm should be a makedepend
> only. If there are any building difficulties with this, let me know
> and I will tackle it.
> Roman suspects a large speedup w.r.t. xvidcore too.

I don't remember that. Am I getting old? :-D

Since yasm was designed to be compatible with nasm
(nobody thought it will rise from the dead :-D)
- it's interesting if yasm makedepends can be changed with nasm 2
(as was the case with nasm 0.9 -> yasm change).

Roman Kyrylych (Роман Кирилич)

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