[arch-dev-public] PostgreSQL 8.3

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Tue Feb 5 13:33:51 EST 2008

Packages for 8.3.0 are in [testing] for i686. I'd appreciate it if 
someone could build for x86_64.

Todo list for dependencies on postgresql-libs is up. All of these may 
not require rebuilds, but please verify that, at least:


Packages involved:

./extra/lib/pypgsql (depend)
./extra/lib/redland (depend)
./extra/lib/libpqxx (depend)
./extra/lib/libgda (depend)
./extra/lib/cyrus-sasl-plugins (depend)
./extra/devel/php (makedepend)
./extra/multimedia/amarok-base (depend)
./extra/network/dovecot (depend)
./extra/network/pdns-pgsql (depend)
./extra/daemons/courier-authlib (makedepend)
./extra/daemons/postgresql (depend)
./extra/daemons/postfix (depend)

- P

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