[arch-dev-public] repo cleanup: step 2

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Tue Feb 12 17:40:32 EST 2008

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008, Eric Belanger wrote:

> Hi,
> This post is to give a status report on the still ongoing repo cleanup. The 
> list of the recently removed packages is posted at the end of this message.

> But now I would like to focus more on orphaned core packages:

Here's an updated list (some of these were recently added):


Here's Varun's packages that weren't adopted yet:


> and on orphaned depends (see https://dev.archlinux.org/wiki/Repo%20Cleanup/). 
> The list of orphaned depends also indicates what packages depends on these 
> orphans and, in some cases, who owns them.  As mentionned previously, it 
> would be nice if everyone would make efforts to adopt the depends of their 
> packages because it is just logical and would surely ease the .so bump 
> rebuilds.  Of course, anyone is free to adopt any orphans that they wish.
> However, it is possible that some devs already have the maximum workload that 
> they can handle so they can't really adopt any or all of their packages' 
> orphaned depends. If it's the case for you, let us know. Perhaps someone 
> else, who can add to their current workload, would be willing to adopt some 
> of these orphans especially if they use the package that depends on them. 
> I'm sure we'll be able to split the present orphans workload somehow.

Apart for adoptions of core packages, there wasn't any progress (AFAIK) 
related to orphaned extra packages. Can I get more feedback? This should 
be our top priority so we can finish up the cleanup/adoption process (at 
least for the current orphans).

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