[arch-dev-public] Inspiration [was: Experimental Initscripts]

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Thu Feb 21 09:50:00 EST 2008

On Feb 20, 2008 11:48 AM, Aaron Griffin <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Feb 20, 2008 8:40 AM, Paul Mattal <paul at mattal.com> wrote:
> > Aaron and others, thanks for working hard on these new initscripts
> > and on lots of things.
> >
> > I care about making Arch better. Even though I don't have the time
> > to do much right now, I have done things in the past, and will do
> > more again in the future. Right now I'm much more busy than I wish I
> > were, and am taking steps to reduce my workload next year.
> >
> > Accordingly, at the moment I've been focusing on fixing bugs and
> > issues with my major packages-- in a sporadic but still helpful way
> > that fits in with my currently insane schedule. (e.g. My next free
> > Saturday evening on the calendar is May 31.)
> >
> > I know it sometimes feels like nobody cares, especially on a mailing
> > list, but they do-- it's just hard to see the context of their lives
> > over a mailing list.
> >
> > Thanks for the hard work all around! Simo and Elliott with all the
> > web work, Tpowa the kernel monster, Travis with the logo stuff, Eric
> > with the package cleanups, Dan and others with the awesome new
> > pacman, Aaron managing to contribute on just about everything..
> > folks here continually amaze me with how much they are able to
> > accomplish in their spare time.
> >
> > Take a break when you need one, dig when you're inspired-- this
> > group will still be here, fighting the good fight. Arch was, is, and
> > will continue to be the best.
> Wow, inspirational Paul is inspirational! Thanks for the words, it's great.

Yeah, I guess I was getting a bit angsty, but now I want Paul to have
my babies.  That was a cool email. :D

Speaking of inspiration, lately Arch has felt much more like a chore
to me than before, like a second job that I'm obligated to work on but
don't really feel like doing; I'd much rather do something with my
wife, relax and play the Wii, or other things with the free time I do
have around my paying job.

I thought maybe it was the packaging grind that's gotten me down, and
so I endeavored to take on the ABS code - a simple project, to be
sure, but a change from the packaging.  However, I haven't even done
that much with ABS yet, and already it's become another chore on the
list of chores to do, and hasn't really helped.

Basically, I've lost the inspiration I once had to do work for Arch -
I've lost the enjoyment I remember having back when I was first
brought on, and I'm not sure why that's the case.  I'd like to find it

What inspires you guys to do what you do?  What drives you to keep up
the contributions and the crazy amount of time and effort you give to
Arch?  I couldn't even imagine doing the amount of work some of you do
for the distro; it's amazing.  What's your secret?  Help me find the
magic again, guys. ;)

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