[arch-dev-public] moving stuff into extra

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Wed Jan 2 18:37:25 EST 2008

Wednesday 02 January 2008, Varun Acharya wrote:
 | Hi,
 | I'd like to bring the following packages into extra in the near
 | future and maintain them.. Please let me know if you have any
 | objections
 | - smplayer / smplayer-themes - qt4 based frontend for mplayer
 | <will move to testing first, of course)
 | - transmission - nice simple bittorrent client
 | - miro - very actively developed web tv viewer
 | - gspcav1 - webcam kernel module for many webcams out there.
 | - dvdbackup - only tool which seems to be able to copy exact
 | uncompressed dvd structure without hassles
 | - showimg - very nice qt based image viewer, great for fullscreen
 | slideshows with mouse wheel control
all your listened pkgs make a good picture. besides miro that i don't 
know, i support your decision. go for it.

 | FYI, all these packages are in community now, and have received
 | quite a good number of votes.
 | A question about 'pulseaudio' ... the trend seems to be some major
 | distributions (Fedora and Ubuntu) are adopting pulseaudio as
 | default sound server, any idea why? Its in community right now
 | too. Is anyone using this as their sound server right now? Can you
 | share your experiences with it ? If it is clearly superior to the
 | alternatives, then it should be in extra too. If its still in its
 | infancy, then let it remain in community. I'll test it too and get
 | back

isn't pulse a replacement for esd? i think it should be in extra, yes. 
there is a request for mpd to be compiled with pulseaudio enabled:
if you move it, let me know so that i can make mpd support it.

- D

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