[arch-dev-public] abs split and changes (was: Status questions)

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Thu Jan 3 16:51:36 EST 2008

> Bah - that sounded so weak.  The message I intended to convey:
> Yes, I will take over the ABS project.  Just don't expect me to come at it
> with a ton of great ideas right out of the gate. ;)

I am willing to take it over as well, since I have my meat hooks all
over the backend.
However, I am *more than* willing to just help out with the project,
if someone else drives. In fact, I would shit myself with happy
flowers and panda bears.

That being said, if nobody else wants to drive, I surely can (and will
take any help i can get).  My initial email was to see if there was
any interest, and see if anything had been done since I last heard
about it.

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