[arch-dev-public] New package group in extra: fprint

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Jan 8 03:20:40 EST 2008

The fprint project (http://www.reactivated.net/fprint/wiki/Main_Page)
has been around for about 3 months now and produced quite usable
results. Right now, there are three packages:

- libfprint
A library that abstracts the tasks of enrolling and verifying
fingerprints and includes hardware drivers. Currently only USB readers
are supported and are accessed using libusb. There is no stable API yet,
however the library is in a usable and stable state.
Note that many common USB fingerprint readers and laptop builtin readers
are supported, including the ones supported by the thinkfinger project!

- fprint_demo
This application demonstrates what libfprint can currently do. You can
enroll fingerprints, verify your fingers or identify fingers from a set
of enrolles prints.

- pam_fprint
This pam plugin allows authenticating with your fingerprint. It
currently only checks your finger against the first enrolled print it
can find in your $HOME and is not configurable.

I am adding these packages to extra now.

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