[arch-dev-public] Updating 'man'

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 04:58:12 EST 2008

eliott wrote:
> Also of note: pacman 3.1 doesn't appear to overwrite the /etc/profile
> file, even if you don't change it, because the package changed hands
> (profile != profile.bash).
> When I enabled testing, fetched pacman 3.1, and then updated, I got a
> profile.pacnew. Moving that over to replace the existing file and
> logout-login fixed all the man pages that I had  chance to look at.
> pacman, git, and a few others.

Ah indeed, when pacman installs the new filesystem package, it doesn't 
have the original md5sum of /etc/profile, because that one is only 
available in the old bash package, and not in the old filesystem package.

So instead if being in the following case :

original=X, current=X, new=Y
     The current file is the same as the original but the new one
     differs. Since the user did not ever modify the file, and
     the new one may contain improvements or bugfixes, install
     the new file.

original is actually empty, so we end up in the last case:

original=X, current=Y, new=Z
      All three files are different, so install the new file with a
      .pacnew extension and warn the user. The user must then manually
      merge any necessary changes into the original file.

But in my opinion, that behavior is good enough.

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