[arch-dev-public] Building mplayer

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Jan 22 14:07:22 EST 2008

Jason Chu schrieb:
> The Packager option wasn't enabled because I was building in a chroot ;)

Should be fixed, the chroots must not break the Packager field in the

>> For a while, a "we need clean build chroots so that our packages are not
>> corrupted" attitude has spread, and this is exactly what broke mplayer
>> (I have no idea which makedepend may be missing though).
> I hope you didn't say that in a derisive sort of way.  I still think
> building in chroots is an excellent idea.

Maybe they are, but I was always able to build clean packages without them.

> I'm really not trying to be defensive or passive aggressive, but wouldn't
> it be great if mplayer did have all the makedepends listed properly?  Then
> we could rebuild it in a chroot *and* have all of the features enabled.

It would be great, and I added mesa to makedepends, I hope that will fix
 this specific problem in the future. However, I still cannot guarantee
that it will build properly inside a chroot.

> So, next time I won't update mplayer.  I'll just be part of the crowd
> shouting "Rabble rabble rabble rabble".

An even worse idea, I'm glad someone took care of it, as I was terribly
unavailable at the time. The post is primarily for documentation, I will
add a link to it in the mplayer PKGBUILD and document what must be
checked when building it.

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