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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Jan 23 17:08:04 EST 2008

Aaron Griffin schrieb:
> That doesn't sound empirical. According to flyspray votes (the only
> empirical evidence we have), signed packages are #1:

Just count how often someone asks the question "Which package contains
file X" on IRC, or types "!owns foo". Some people even say that THE
advantage of Debian over Arch is a filename search.

> Still, like Dan, I'm neutral. I don't care. But what I *do* care about
> is json/xml parsing integration into pacman. I'm just going to say
> "no" on that.

It was just an idea which sounded feasible.

Even if it won't be implemented, I must disagree that it would be
archlinux centric: one could have a number of configurable filename
search URLs in the configuration files, which could all be queried.

Back on topic: I'd still like to see a -So option in pacman, so it's
more or less up to you to tell us what you think would fit into pacman.
In an earlier message, it was suggested that filelists should be added
to the repo dir (like core.filelist.tar.gz), can optionally be synced
and then queried by pacman. I also like this idea, but:
- The lists should be stored compressed on the local filesystem and only
unpacked on demand - filelists are over 40MB for extra uncompressed.
- The lists should not be updated on every package update, that would
take too much time. Updates should occur with a cronjob or so.

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