[arch-dev-public] Filename search for Arch

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Fri Jan 25 13:24:20 EST 2008

It seems to me that two separate issues being discussed in this thread.

1. A mechanism to search for files in packages.
2. A mechanism to search for files in packages, from pacman.

thomas' script sounds like it is attempting to cover the first case. I
think we can provide a web interface for it, since the data is in the
database already. Something like a simplified package search.

the second case is a different issue and would require a different
solution. If that is the case that people want covered, then thomas'
script (from how it has been discussed so far) would not provide that.

I guess I don't see where this script fits in, and how it is supposed
to be used.
thomas made mention of using zgrep for advanced users, but that seems
just as difficult as opening a web browser and typing into a search

I am trying to understand the use case, and work towards a solution
that not only works, but is efficient and can coexist well within our

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