[arch-dev-public] [signoff] which 2.19-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sat Jan 26 15:18:23 EST 2008

in testing for both architectures. please signoff. nothing special.

Version 2.18 --> 2.19

* Upgraded code from bash to version 3.2. This DOES has influence
  on how Which behaves under certain circumstances.
* Support for Cygwin: Two leading slashes are now treated as
  possibly special, because a double leading slash can have an
  implementation-defined meaning (depending on the Operating
  System), as is for example the case in Cygwin.
This means that GNU which no longer collapses two leading slashes of a
path into a single slash.
* When the environment variable HOME is not set, the home directory
  is now read from /etc/passwd or set to '/' if no home directory
  could be found (this now matches the tilde lib used in bash).
* Fixed the function declaration given in README.alias
* Added a @dircategory and @direntry to which.texinfo
* Changed the license to GPLv3.

Version 2.17 --> 2.18

* Fixes regarding cwautomacros (maintainer build system only).
* Improvement of 'make release' target (maintainer target).


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