[arch-dev-public] [signoff] wget 1.11-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sun Jan 27 17:26:08 EST 2008

in testing for both architectures. please signoff. 



* Changes in Wget 1.11.

** Timestamping now uses the value from the most recent HTTP response,
rather than the first one it got.

** Authentication information is no longer sent as part of the Referer
header in recursive fetches.

** No authentication credentials are sent until a challenge is issued,
for improved security. Authentication handling is still not
RFC-compliant, as once a Basic challenge has been received, it will
assume it can send credentials to any URL at that same host, and not
just the ones at or below the original authenticated location.
Credentials for Digest authentication are still never saved or issued
automatically, and continue to require a challenge for each resource.

** Added --max-redirect option, allowing the user to specify what should
be the maximum number of HTTP redirects to follow.

** Wget now supports saving HTTP downloads using file names specified by
the `Content-Disposition' header.  This is a standard way of specifying
the file name used by many web dynamically generated pages. However, the
current implementation is inefficient, and known to have bugs. It is
EXPERIMENTAL only, and not enabled by default. Use --content-disposition
to enable it.

** The new option `--ignore-case' makes Wget ignore case when
matching files, directories, and wildcards.  This affects the -X, -I,
-A, and -R options, as well as globbing in FTP URLs.

** ETA projection is now displayed in "dot" progress output as well as
in the default progress bar.  (The dot progress is used by default when
logging Wget's output to file using the `-o' option.)

** The "lockable boolean" argument type is no longer supported.  It
was only used by the passive_ftp .wgetrc setting.  If you're running
broken scripts or Perl modules that unconditionally specify
`--passive-ftp' and your firewall disallows it, you can override them
by replacing wget with a script that execs wget "$@" --no-passive-ftp.

** The source code has been migrated to Mercurial. The repositories are
available at http://hg.addictivecode.org/. Prior to this, the source
code was hosted on Subversion (migrated from the original CVS); you can
still get access to older tags and branches for Wget in the Subversion
repository at http://addictivecode.org/svn/wget/.

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