[arch-dev-public] [signoff] automake 1.10.1-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sun Jan 27 17:41:11 EST 2008

in testing for both architectures. please signoff. please test it



New in 1.10.1:

  - Automake development is done in a git repository on Savannah now,


    A read-only CVS mirror is provided at

      cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at pserver.git.sv.gnu.org:/automake.git \
          checkout -d automake HEAD

  - "make dist" can now create lzma-compressed tarballs.

  - `automake --add-missing' will by default install the GPLv3 file as
    COPYING if it is missing.  Note that Automake will never overwrite
    an existing COPYING file, even when the `--force-missing' option is
    used.  Further note that Automake 1.10.1 is still licensed under

  - Libtool generic flags are now passed to the install and uninstall
    modes as well.

  - Files with extension .sx are also treated as preprocessed assembler.

  - install-sh now has an BSD-like option `-C' to preserve modification
    times of unchanged files upon installation.

Bugs fixed in 1.10.1:

* Long standing bugs:

  - Fix aix dependency tracking for libtool objects.

  - The signal handling of aclocal has been improved.

  - Targets beginning with a digit are now recognized correctly.

  - All directories `.libs'/`_libs' used by libtool are cleaned now,
    not only those in which libraries are built.

* Bugs introduced by 1.10:

  - Fix output of dummy dependency files in presence of post-processed
    Makefile.in's again, but also cope with long lines.

  - $(EXEEXT) is automatically appended to filenames of XFAIL_TESTS
    that have been declared as programs in the same Makefile.
    This is for consistency with the analogous change to TESTS in 1.10.

  - The autoconf version check implemented by aclocal in aclocal.m4
    (and new in Automake 1.10) is degraded to a warning.  This helps
    in the common case where the Autoconf versions used are compatible.

  - Fix order of standard includes to again be `-I. -I$(srcdir)',
    followed by directories containing config headers.

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