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Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sat Jul 5 07:18:18 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I updated zlib to the latest upstream version and cleaned up the PKGBUILD. 
It's installed to /usr instead of /. If there was a reason for doing this, 
please complain. 

I know, this version isn't linked on zlib's homepage (which was updated 
sometime back in 2005). But according to debian this is the latest upstream 
version; so i put it on our ftp.

Here is the boring changelog:

                ChangeLog file for zlib

Changes in (2 October 2006)
- Make --shared the default for configure, add a --static option
- Add compile option to permit invalid distance-too-far streams
- Add inflateUndermine() function which is required to enable above
- Remove use of "this" variable name for C++ compatibility [Marquess]
- Add testing of shared library in make test, if shared library built
- Use ftello() and fseeko() if available instead of ftell() and fseek()
- Provide two versions of all functions that use the z_off_t type for
  binary compatibility -- a normal version and a 64-bit offset version,
  per the Large File Support Extension when _LARGEFILE64_SUPPORT is
  defined; use the 64-bit versions by default when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS
  is defined to be 64
- Add a --uname= option to configure to perhaps help with cross-compiling

Changes in (3 September 2006)
- Turn off silly Borland warnings [Hay]
- Use off64_t and define _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE when present
- Fix missing dependency on inffixed.h in Makefile.in
- Rig configure --shared to build both shared and static [Teredesai, Truta]
- Remove zconf.in.h and instead create a new zlibdefs.h file
- Fix contrib/minizip/unzip.c non-encrypted after encrypted [Vollant]
- Add treebuild.xml (see http://treebuild.metux.de/) [Weigelt]

Changes in (16 August 2006)
- Add watcom directory with OpenWatcom make files [Daniel]
- Remove #undef of FAR in zconf.in.h for MVS [Fedtke]
- Update make_vms.com [Zinser]
- Use -fPIC for shared build in configure [Teredesai, Nicholson]
- Use only major version number for libz.so on IRIX and OSF1 [Reinholdtsen]
- Use fdopen() (not _fdopen()) for Interix in zutil.h [B�ck]
- Add some FAQ entries about the contrib directory
- Update the MVS question in the FAQ
- Avoid extraneous reads after EOF in gzio.c [Brown]
- Correct spelling of "successfully" in gzio.c [Randers-Pehrson]
- Add comments to zlib.h about gzerror() usage [Brown]
- Set extra flags in gzip header in gzopen() like deflate() does
- Make configure options more compatible with double-dash conventions
- Clean up compilation under Solaris SunStudio cc [Rowe, Reinholdtsen]
- Fix uninstall target in Makefile.in [Truta]
- Add pkgconfig support [Weigelt]
- Use $(DESTDIR) macro in Makefile.in [Reinholdtsen, Weigelt]
- Replace set_data_type() with a more accurate detect_data_type() in
  trees.c, according to the txtvsbin.txt document [Truta]
- Swap the order of #include <stdio.h> and #include "zlib.h" in
  gzio.c, example.c and minigzip.c [Truta]
- Shut up annoying VS2005 warnings about standard C deprecation [Rowe,
  Truta] (where?)
- Fix target "clean" from win32/Makefile.bor [Truta]
- Create .pdb and .manifest files in win32/makefile.msc [Ziegler, Rowe]
- Update zlib www home address in win32/DLL_FAQ.txt [Truta]
- Update contrib/masmx86/inffas32.asm for VS2005 [Vollant, Van Wassenhove]
- Enable browse info in the "Debug" and "ASM Debug" configurations in
  the Visual C++ 6 project, and set (non-ASM) "Debug" as default [Truta]
- Add pkgconfig support [Weigelt]
  for use in win32/zlib1.rc [Polushin, Rowe, Truta]
- Add a document that explains the new text detection scheme to
  doc/txtvsbin.txt [Truta]
- Add rfc1950.txt, rfc1951.txt and rfc1952.txt to doc/ [Truta]
- Move algorithm.txt into doc/ [Truta]
- Synchronize FAQ with website
- Fix compressBound(), was low for some pathological cases [Fearnley]
- Take into account wrapper variations in deflateBound()
- Set examples/zpipe.c input and output to binary mode for Windows 
- Update examples/zlib_how.html with new zpipe.c (also web site)
- Fix some warnings in examples/gzlog.c and examples/zran.c (it seems
  that gcc became pickier in 4.0)
- Add zlib.map for Linux: "All symbols from zlib-1.1.4 remain
  un-versioned, the patch adds versioning only for symbols introduced in
  zlib-1.2.0 or later.  It also declares as local those symbols which are
  not designed to be exported." [Levin]
- Update Z_PREFIX list in zconf.in.h, add --zprefix option to configure
- Do not initialize global static by default in trees.c, add a response
  NO_INIT_GLOBAL_POINTERS to initialize them if needed [Marquess]
- Don't use strerror() in gzio.c under WinCE [Yakimov]
- Don't use errno.h in zutil.h under WinCE [Yakimov]
- Move arguments for AR to its usage to allow replacing ar [Marot]
- Add HAVE_VISIBILITY_PRAGMA in zconf.in.h for Mozilla [Randers-Pehrson]
- Improve inflateInit() and inflateInit2() documentation
- Fix structure size comment in inflate.h
- Change configure help option from --h* to --help [Santos]


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