[arch-dev-public] Architecture rollcall

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Jul 5 12:32:53 EDT 2008

As there are many new guys around, I want to know what architectures you 
can build for. I want to know three things: Do you have an arch x86_64 
system? Do you have an arch i686 build system (can be a chroot on your 
x86_64). Do you also have a bootable arch i686 system? Also include the 
number of systems for each category. Only your own machines count, not 
the build machines that we offer (or offered, I'm unsure about the status).

If you only have an i686 chroot and no bootable system, you may be 
unable to test certain packages, thus I think this information is important.

Maybe we can collect this information later and wikify it. I would like 
every (semi-)active dev to respond, not just the new ones.

These are my systems:

x86_64: 2
i686 (chroot): 2
i686 (full): 1

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