[arch-dev-public] Multilib on Archlinux x86_64

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Jul 9 08:48:22 EDT 2008

Well, I'm not against having multilib packages about although I do think 
they need to be in their own repo.  A wise person once said this about 
Arch: "It is what you make it".  So if someone wants to make it 
multilib, then as long as I don't have to, all is good as far as I'm 

What I don't like is the need to build on a 32bit system.  This doesn't 
help people who only have an x86_64 system and if you are going to 
install a 32bit chroot to build something then it is a bit of a waste of 
time...  Why not provide a multilib enabled gcc et al at the same time?  
That would save patching makepkg to deal with the packaging.


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