[arch-dev-public] [signoff] file 4.25-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Wed Jul 9 15:23:09 EDT 2008

in testing for both arches. please signoff


As usual in: ftp://ftp.astron.com/pub/file/file-4.25.tar.gz

This version features a new experimental !:strength operator. It is
currently used in 2 places:

- in X3D entries is +1 to beat regular xml
- in elf *2 to beat iso9660

Other changes:

    2008-07-02 11:15  Christos Zoulas  <christos at astron.com>

	    * add !:strength op to adjust magic strength (experimental)

    2008-06-16 21:41  Reuben Thomas  <rrt at sc3d.org>

	    * Fix automake error in configure.ac.

	    * Add MIME type for Psion Sketch files.

    2008-06-05 08:59  Christos Zoulas  <christos at astron.com>

	    * Don't print warnings about bad namesize in stripped
	      binaries with PT_NOTE is still there, and the actual
	      note is gone (Jakub Jelinek)

    2008-05-28 15:12  Robert Byrnes  <byrnes at wildpumpkin.net>

	    * magic/Magdir/elf:
	      Note invalid byte order for little-endian SPARC32PLUS.
	      Add SPARC V9 vendor extensions and memory model.

	    * src/elfclass.h:
	      Pass target machine to doshn (for Solaris hardware

	    * src/readelf.c (doshn):
	      Add support for Solaris hardware/software capabilities.

	    * src/readelf.h:

	    * src/vasprintf.c (dispatch):
	      Add support for ll modifier.

    2008-05-16 10:25  Christos Zoulas  <christos at astron.com>

	    * Fix compiler warnings.

	    * remove stray printf, and fix a vprintf bug. (Martin Dorey)

    2008-05-06 00:13  Robert Byrnes  <byrnes at wildpumpkin.net>

	    * src/Makefile.am:
	      Ensure that getopt_long and [v]asprintf are included in
libmagic, as needed.

	      Remove unnecessary EXTRA_DIST.

	    * src/Makefile.in:
	      Rerun automake.

	    * src/vasprintf.c (dispatch):
	      Fix variable precision bug: be sure to step past '*'.

	    * src/vasprintf.c (core):
	      Remove unreachable code.

	    * src/apprentice.c (set_test_type):
	      Add cast to avoid compiler warning.

    2008-04-22 23:45  Christos Zoulas  <christos at astron.com>

	    * Add magic submission guidelines (Abel Cheung)

	    * split msdos and windows magic (Abel Cheung)

    2008-04-04 11:00  Christos Zoulas  <christos at astron.com>

	    * >= <= is not supported, so fix the magic and warn about
it. reported by: Thien-Thi Nguyen <ttn at gnuvola.org>

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