[arch-dev-public] replace gqview and gqview-devel with geeqie

Tobias Kieslich tobias at justdreams.de
Thu Jul 10 16:16:31 EDT 2008


	I just noticed that both gqview and gqview-devel got updated and that
reminded me that the gqview project is essentially defunct. Saying that,
there is a fork called geeqie and we do have a package for the alpha
version in the aur. This version is basically a gqview-devel with some
patches. Iwas using gqview-devel with out a crash for the last year and
switched to geeqie by the end of April. No crashing there either.

So I would like to bring geeqie to extra, and by the same time abandon
the gqview packages.

any objections?


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