[arch-dev-public] [signoff] openvpn 2.0.9-4

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Jul 18 09:15:31 EDT 2008

Aaron Griffin schrieb:
> On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 2:03 PM, Thomas Bächler <thomas at archlinux.org> wrote:
>> Changes from -3: Enabled --enable-save-password, to allow using a password
>> file in combination with auth-user-pass. This feature is disabled by default
>> in openvpn, as using it is unsafe, however I don't think we need to prevent
>> our users from using it if they wish to.
> Ping. Does anyone use this? If not, I'll throw out the obligatory
> "blame me" signoff

Me, but I only compiled it. I actually have 2.1.0_rc7 installed locally. 
I'll simply move it, as it's only a simple change to configure options, 
blame me if it fails.

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