[arch-dev-public] Please stop the install message insanity

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 20:09:38 EDT 2008

Wow, I got blasted today with an 88 package upgrade on one of my
machines, and this one really stuck out:

I don't even know what is important anymore, so I just stopped reading
as I'm sure most of our users do too.

1. *Please* use optdepends for things like:
* mod_webdav		: libxml2, sqlite3, e2fsprogs
	* mod_cml		: lua
	* mod_magnet		: lua
	* mod_trigger_b4_dl	: gdbm
	* mod_mysql_vhost	: libmysqlclient

2. Showing me these optional things every single time I install is
stupid. Use optdepends and educate people to use -Qi.

3. If you are going to do an install message, at least indent it
right. Why the heck was everything tabbed over here?

4. Don't keep one-upping every other install message to make sure
yours looks important. The number of ++++++++>>>>>>>>> and
===========> and --------------> >> >>> !!!L#K!J#KL:!#KL:@#:%HKL: is
getting out of control.

OK, I'm done ranting, but I hope someone at least reads this.


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