[arch-dev-public] KDE 4.1 enters [testing]

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Thu Jul 24 09:47:46 EDT 2008

Hi all,

finally I have put KDE 4.1 into testing. It shouldn't stay there for long. I 
plan to release it to [extra] this weekend. So let us test those packages a 

At first: please only report packaging bugs. This means if a button in 
Konqueror has the wrong button I am probably the wrong person to ask. Those 
packages are unpatched, so you could file such bugs upstream.

Some notes for upgraders:

* This will NOT be smooth. The config files of the old KDE are not compatible
   with 4.1. While the old are kept in ~/.kde the new ones are in /~.kde4.
   They won't be converted automagically. You could try to copy some files
   manually and see what happens. (whould work for kmail, konqueror and other;
   but for some this will break things) Maybe KDE will release a tool for
   doing this.

* If you want to use the KDE desktop make sure you have kdebase-workspace
   installed, which includes the kdm, the taskbar etc.

* if pacman wants to replace packages: Answer YES :-)

* At the time of writing not all KDE-based packages like koffice have been
  rebuild for use with new KDE or "legacy libs". If you cannot wait installing
  kdelibs3 should make them work. But this will be fixed in the repos before
  things are oushed to [extra] of course.

* If you start KDM by inittab make sure to change path from /opt/kde to /usr

* There are two file conflicts with gnome packages. Perhaps we could solve this
   by sharing those files with an extra package.

* Don't force the upgrade ( -f); repot a bug instead

* You might want to (re)move your ~/Desktop folder if you don't like that
  folder view

* The first login takes a while; don't worry about this. It's creating new
  configs etc. 

* If you use a nvidia card, please read

* For a short overview about the new features read

Have fun


Pierre Schmitz

Clemens-August-Straße 76
53115 Bonn

Telefon		0228 9716608
Mobil		0160 95269831
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